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Growing up in Virgina


Great Barrier Reef


Hiking the Wasatch


My year studying in Paris


BC 2014


Gorilla Trekking




Alexa's Wedding


Malawi Trip 2012


Happy First Birthday Alexa


Eli Arrives


New Orleans Jazzfest '08


Chaptr shares everywhere you share.

With Chaptr, you create a story once - then share over any channel you want (text, email, social media).

Chaptr generates a private link that gives family and friends direct access to your story, even if they don't have a Chaptr account.

And, using a private link prevents ad-supported platforms from collecting your personal data. Pretty neat, huh?

Using a private link, like Google docs, is a great idea. No need to force everybody onto one platform.

Nancy Jarvis, Utah

For years, I have been using text and email to share photos with my family, so this makes so much sense!

I can build my collection - and still share the same way I always have.

Robert Smithson, Chicago

Chaptr keeps you organized.

Every time you add a story, you have to save it to a collection. This "micro organizing" ensures you can always find what you want.

You can create new collections, move stories from one collection to another, and print different collections, too.

Hallelujah! Organizing digital photos is the absolute worst! I've struggled with it for years. So glad to hand this off to Chaptr. When can I start?

Dex, New York

I have to get my favorite pictures out of iCloud! My photos are completely lost in there, and I never can find them.

I need to start fresh, and I would love to have a collection that's organized automatically!

Sylvia Jones, Illinois

Chaptr keeps your memories private.

Free platforms such as Instagram, Whatsapp and Gmail, collect your personal content, track you and sell your data to advertisers.

Chaptr doesn't do any of this, so you can relax and be yourself. You and your family's privacy will never be compromised.

data mining
ad tracking

Love the idea of a private place for my whole family to share openly and stay connected. Everybody is living in different states, and this is a great way to stay connected.

Beverly, Portland OR

I haven't shared family photos on Facebook and Instagram for years. But I've known that texting photos is NOT a solution. I really like the way that Chaptr lets me build a private collection and share it with everybody.

Elise Torkvald, Netherlands

Chaptr backs up your memories for free.

When you're keeping it forever, you don't want pay a monthly storage fee forever.

Chaptr offers backup storage on the blockchain forever - free of charge. You're in control of your stories, and no platform can take them down.

File System

Free storage forever? This is my ultimate goal.

Alex Lerner, Los Angeles

I'm so excited to get my photos and videos out of iCloud and into Chaptr. Now I can get organized once and for all. And STOP paying Apple for all that clutter.

Jen Fordham, Boston MA

I need a way to incorporate all my videos! For years I've made photo books, but I've never had a place to collect and share my videos. I love that Chaptr pulls everything - comments, photos, videos and stories - together in one place.

Jessica Travers, Florida

I love writing stories, and Chaptr is what I've been missing. Photos alone don't tell the whole story. Chaptr gives me so many more ways to be creative.

Bryan Carey, Washington

And, Chaptr makes stunning photo books.

With Chaptr, you don't have to spend hours designing a photo book from scratch.

You just select the stories you want from your collections, and Chaptr will convert them to a book layout.

Then, you can review and edit at your leisure.

I can't wait to get started!!!!

Bryan Carey, Washington

I love that I can add, edit and reorganize all my stories for years, THEN print them into books. This makes a lot of sense to me. I dont need dozens of printed photos books - just a few of my best photos in prints. But I do want to have my life story in a book to give my kids.

Jessica Travers, Florida

My family is scattered across the US, and we like to keep in touch by sharing moments from our lives. I can't wait to have all those photos and videos organized over the years.

It will make a good starting place for our family history.

Francis McDormand, California

For years, I have been using text and email to share photos with my family. But I've never been able to build photobooks with those photos. It makes so much sense to have one place where you can do everything - share, edit, comment, and then print!

Susan Krazinski, Texas



Photos, videos, and text look great on all screens.



Moments are automatically organized into collections.



You can be yourself when you know your privacy is protected.


easy to share

Share moments with family via text, social media, or email.



Edit, re-organize, or print your moments in a book.


Saved forever

Your moments are stored on the blockchain forever.